Kimberly Layton Interview

In my online travels, I have met many special people. I haven’t met Kim “in person”, although, Tim, who is Kim’s DH cooks some really mean barbecued chicken down there in Florida. Gregg and I may end up at a barbecue one of these days! But, I don’t know about those gaters!!!!!

Actually, after meeting Kim on Everything Etsy, I met Tim, and aside from being a barbecue chef, he is a website developer from Crazy Tree Media. Fortunate for me, because Tim created our new website and blog. He has been wonderful to work with on these new adventures. My life has been enriched getting to know Kim and Tim.

Back to Kim, there is something about her that I “felt” online that clicked with me. She is kind, generous and someone who shares. Qualities that I love to find in a person. Get to know her with me…

Why did you start working online?

Kim: I’ve always enjoyed making things and once I found out people could buy my felt goodies online, I was hooked! That all started over 3 years ago.

How may websites/businesses do you have now, could you tell us about them? We would love to hear.

Kim: I’m afraid this is going to make me look crazy…ha!

Everything Etsy – This is my largest blog and I spend a great deal of time working on it every week. We feature Etsy business tips, feature sellers and great craft spaces, share tutorials and anything else that might interest creative people.

Everything Etsy Directory – As part of promoting sellers and suppliers, we have a directory with free listings. – This is a forum just for Etsy sellers. It’s a great place to meet new people and learn from each other. – This is my felt shop! It really is one of my favorite things! I sell beautiful wool felt, supplies and sweet felt patterns. I would spend all day creating new patterns if I could!

Flashy Fish – I create hand stamped jewelry and enjoy finding unique lockets for creating treasured keepsakes. You can never have too many necklaces!

Crazy Tree Media – I work with my sweet husband to create websites, blogs and Big Commerce sites for small companies and Etsy shops.

Oh, and our family blog…

That’s all! :)

How do you organize your day with your blogging, businesses and family?

Kim: I usually work a little first thing in the morning, homeschool my two boys, tweet and run errands in theafternoon, and then I work more in the evening. Somehow it all works out!

One of Kim's original felt patterns...she has more to come!

You are a prolific blogger on Everything Etsy, generally, what are your topics? I know I have seen many informative posts on tech issues. I love your writing style.

Kim: You are so sweet! Most of our topics are on improving business skills and selling on Etsy. I love pretty posts with lots of photos, and those great techy posts are usually written by my husband, Tim.

What inspired you to create your newest store, Kimberly Layton? Since I have connected with you online, it resembles you and your beautiful avatar. I love the design and the unique product idea!What are your favorite products in Felt store? How have you, personally, used felt?

I am a felt fanatic! I started my first Etsy shop with a felt cupcake brooch. I quickly found out that if I offered it as a hair clip it would sell again and again. So, that’s how a mom of two boys started a shopfull of felt hair clips! I have my first book coming out at the end of the year. It’s about felt, of course. I’m so happy you like the design of! I took a million photos to get just the right ones and my husband made it all work…we make a great team!

Kim, thanks so much for your interview. It was great to learn more about you and all of your creative endeavors. The blogs that you and Tim write provide all of us with valuable information and resources.  I love your Felt store, the images are delish! and I love the whole concept. Can’t wait to see your new patterns! I am so glad that our paths crossed…best to you, Sondra

****You can also find Kim on twitter and facebook.



  1. You are too sweet…thanks so much!


  2. Great interview! I enjoyed reading it!

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