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The process of marbling fabric is one that I hope to explore.

As you may know, we carry Marbled Fabrics created by Marjorie Lee Bevis. Her website provides information about her process and the history of marbled.  We have 10 different packs in specific colors, e.g., reds, oranges, greens, blues, lights, darks, etc.

Each pack contains 10 pieces of marbled cotton, each approximately 9″ x 10″. Below are some examples of her fabric packs which are perfect for your quilts, crafts, mixed media, art, etc:

Marbled Rainbow Stones fabric pack created by Marjorie Lee Bevis.

Marbled Light Assortment fabric pack created by Marjorie Lee Bevis.

Created by Marjorie Lee Bevis - proceeds of the sale of this piece go to Dress for Success. Thank you, Marjorie for your generosity


I hope that you can use this information and enjoy your creating…best to you, Sondra

New! Marbled Fabrics & Valerie Goodwin in Quilting Arts Magazine

Hello Everyone!
We have just added Marbled Fabrics created and hand marbled by Marjorie Lee Bevis. Each pack contains 10 pieces of marbled cotton, each approximately 9″ X 10″. This is a very time consuming process. I took one short workshop in marbled and to develop the designs that Marjorie has, you have to be very skilled in this process. She is amazing
Beautiful, unique fabrics for your quilts, and art or craft projects, colleges, mixed media, etc. Here are the fabric packs we now have on the website:

Rainbow Stones

Special Variety Pack

Light Assortment Pack

Also, please see the latest Quilting Arts Magazine for Valerie Goodwin’s article: Collaged Art Maps from Fabric, Paint and Thread. I have admired Valerie’s work for many years, she is totally amazing.  Here is Valerie’s website where you can  see her incredible work, she creates unique cartographic quilts and read about her process. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook, the connection are on her website.
Have a positive day,

Enjoy our forced blubs in the middle of winter in northeast ohio, on Lake Erie.

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