Henry Road Fabric Giveaway Winners!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for participating in our Giveaway!

Here are the two winners, determined through Random.org:

#16 Megan Carroll

#287 Jamie Larson

Congratulations to both of you!

We are contacting both of them now.  When we do these Giveaways, we always wish that everyone could win.

Thanks again, Sondra

Marbled Fabrics + Resources

The process of marbling fabric is one that I hope to explore.

As you may know, we carry Marbled Fabrics created by Marjorie Lee Bevis. Her website provides information about her process and the history of marbled.  We have 10 different packs in specific colors, e.g., reds, oranges, greens, blues, lights, darks, etc.

Each pack contains 10 pieces of marbled cotton, each approximately 9″ x 10″. Below are some examples of her fabric packs which are perfect for your quilts, crafts, mixed media, art, etc:

Marbled Rainbow Stones fabric pack created by Marjorie Lee Bevis.

Marbled Light Assortment fabric pack created by Marjorie Lee Bevis.

Created by Marjorie Lee Bevis - proceeds of the sale of this piece go to Dress for Success. Thank you, Marjorie for your generosity


I hope that you can use this information and enjoy your creating…best to you, Sondra

More new arrivals!

Hello Everyone,

Our organic solids are in, more to come. We have some exciting new home dec fabrics from Alexander Henry…love these. And also, Els van Baarle sent us some tjaps, wonderful fabric packs of  batiks from Indonesia, indigo hand dyes and her fantastic hand-dyed, batiked, screenprinted fabrics.  Please see below…

Pure Organics in solids from Kaufman Fabrics.

Beverly Glen Fashion for Home Collection - Alexander Henry Fabrics.

Think of using some “original fabrics” in your projects…

Indigo hand-dyed fabrics - Els van Baarle.

Tjap (copper stamp for batiking) - Els sent us four and will be sending more.

Indonesian Batiks from Els van Baarle.

Original fabrics by Els van Baarle - dyed, over-dyed, batiked + screen printed.

Wishing you all the best,


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